[18+] 69 Boxing Club 2022 “Hardcore Sex Training Center” Full Movie [Korean Erotic Film] :

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  • Quality: HD
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 68 Min
  • Country: Korea
  • Release: 29 Jun 2022
  • Cast: Lee Soo, Min Do-yoon, Min Joah, Sae Bom-I, Sang Woo
  • Genre: Film Semi, Romance
  • Also Known As (AKA): CÂU LẠC BỘ BOXING 69 / 69복싱클럽 .

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69 Boxing Club 2022 StoryLine :

Min Joah and Sae Bom have boyfriends who are both extremely handsome, strong and athletic boxers. Both guys joined a boxing club with a very short name: “69”. Once, two boyfriends invited Min Joah and Sae Bom to attend a club meeting with them. As soon as they met, Min Joah felt that Sae Bom’s boyfriend was better and stronger than her boyfriend. Sae Bom also had similar thoughts. So the two girls negotiated to exchange lovers for each other to experience the strange feeling.

Actor Sang-woo and coach Do-yun, who run a boxing playground. They used to be famous as professional players, but as the popularity of boxing waned, the number of customers is decreasing, and now they can’t even pay the monthly rent. Accordingly, they established a strategy to target women’s hearts in line with recent trends, and when the place was newly transformed into a women’s gym, a burning desire began to writhe in their hearts…

Review of 69 Boxing Club 2022 Korean Adult Movie :

Sang-woo, who runs a boxing gym, and Do-yun, a trainer. They once made a name for themselves as professional players, but due to the fading popularity of boxing, the number of customers is gradually decreasing and they are now unable to even pay their monthly rent. Accordingly, they set up a strategy to target women’s hearts in accordance with the latest trend, and as the place is newly transformed into a women-only gym, a burning desire begins to wriggle in their hearts…

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