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Movie Name –  Zombie Strippers (2008)
IMDb Rating – 4.1/10
Runtime – 1h 34min 22s

Initial release: 18 April 2008 (USA)
Director: Jay Lee
Genres: Erotic | Comedy
Distributors: Stage 6 Films, Triumph Films
Language – English
Subtitle – Hindi

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[18+] Zombie Strippers 2008 UNRATED (In English With Hindi Subtitles) BluRay 720p [HD]

18+ Zombie Strippers 2008 [In English] + Hindi Subbed 720p HD


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Zombie Strippers is a 2008 American zombie comedy that is based around zombies and strippers. The film was shot, edited, written, and directed by Jay Lee. The film, starring Robert EnglundJenna JamesonPenny Drake, and Roxy Saint, was distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The film opens with a news montage explaining that it is set in a dystopic near-future in which George W. Bush has been elected to a fourth term.

Zombie Strippers 2008 StoryLine:

The United States Congress has been disbanded; public nudity is banned; the United States is embroiled in wars with FranceIraqAfghanistanIranPakistanSyriaVenezuelaCanada, and Alaska. With more wars than there are soldiers to fight them, a secret laboratory run by Dr. Chushfeld in fictional Sartre, Nebraska, has developed a virus to re-animate dead Marines and send them back into battle. However, this virus has broken containment and infected test subjects and scientists, and they are at risk of escaping from the lab. A team of Marines code-named the “Z” Squad is sent in to destroy the zombies. One of the Marines named Byrdflough (Zak Kilberg) is bitten but escapes. He ends up in an alley outside an underground strip club named “Rhino”. The Marine dies and awakens as a zombie who goes into the strip club.

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