18+ Pervert 2005 DVDRip XVID 700MB 430MB English Multi Stream Audio
18+ Pervert 2005 DVDRip XVID 700MB English Multi Stream Audio
2005 ‧ Slasher/Pornographic film ‧ 1h 21m
4.7/10 · IMDb
A young man (Sean Andrews) spends the summer at his father’s (Darrell Sandeen) remote ranch, but a killer lurks just under his nose.
Initial release: 12 February 2005 (USA)
Director: Jonathan Yudis
Producer: Jonathan Yudis
Screenplay: Mike Davis
Initial DVD release: 27 March 2007
Music director: Elliott Goldkind, Matt Piedmont
Movie Info
Genres – Comedy | Horror
Format : AVI
File size : 699 MiB
Duration : 1h 20mn
Overall bit rate : 1 212 Kbps

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18+ Pervert 2005 DVDRip XVID 700MB English

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Pervert! is a 2005 comedy horror film directed by Jonathan Yudis. It is mainly a tribute to the films of Russ Meyer.

A word. What is the pervert? Sex freak, deranged degenerate, disturbed diabolical
psychotic subversive embracer of things both erotic and erratic. What is to pervert?
The twist of an object, phrase or ideal in such a way it was never intended or even
imagined. Who is the pervert? Why, that’s another story altogether… A young man
comes to spend the summer at the remote desert ranch of his father in hopes of
repairing their estranged relationship only to find that he’s become a psychotic
madman. But who is responsible for the bizarre murders James has uncovered? Hezekiah
pins the blame on his son, and after a series of unexplainable incidents, James begins
to doubt his own suspicions. Little does he know that the real killer lurks just under
his nose

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