18+ Hidden Passion (1991) Dvdrip 400MB 480p x264 Chinese Movie Download or Watch Online


Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102834/
Also Known As: San ji qiang wei zhi lian
Genre: Crime, Drama, Cat-III

Year : 1991Director : Tung Ni LeungRunning Time :

There is hidden passion galore as a plain middle aged house wife looks after her wheel chair bound husband who has lost interest in sex. Her young slutty niece, who dresses provocatively wearing thigh high boots, comes to stay with them. There is a nerdy young neighbour who lusts after our Mrs Robinson and of course the ubiquitous local shop keeper who lusts after our young hero for some unknown reason and is a chunky Korean looking actress. The movie is set in the boondocks of HK away from the picturesque city towers that we come to associate with all HK crime melodramas and moves toward ts inevitable finale.


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