18+ Guns and Thighs Web Series by RGV Complete Official Trailer Season 1
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Original release‎: ‎Unknoun
Original language(s)‎: ‎Hindi
Starring‎: ‎Tilottama Dutta; ‎Makrand Deshpande‎; …
Original network‎: ‎YouTube web series

18+ Screen-Shots !



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Ram Gopal Varma on GUNS and THIGHS’ story

– his most ambitious project –

My only objective of foraying into the digital world is to be able to tell stories which I otherwise would have never been allowed to tell on the film screen. My first production for this platform will be the 10-episode Season One (4 seasons total) of a Series titled GUNS and THIGHS. The title is derived as a synonym of how Power and Sex affect the internal politics of the crime world.

The Series Guns and Thighs for the first time tells the highly potent story of the Mumbai Mafia in India, which is much more dangerous than the Italian, Russian or Hong Kong Mafia. The Series focuses on the internal conflicts in the infamous D Company, headed by Dawood Ibrahim (declared by the US as one of the Most Wanted) and its collusion with cops, politicians and the glamour industry, popularly known as Bollywood. It’s a high energy crime/drama coming from the land of Slumdog Millionaire

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