Emmanuelle is recently reunited with her husband, but at the next party, she gets drunk and strips nude for his friends. He returns to his lover. Later, a sober Emmanuelle tries to redeem herself, but her husband refuses to forgive. She travels to see him, gets raped on the way by two delinquents, and enters a life of vicious sex to forget him.



Emmanuelle and her husband are in Mallorca, a Spanish island. They make love in a wax museum surrounded by famous figures. The film is narrated by a snobbish Spanish nobleman who owns a nightclub. Emanuelle, her husband and an older woman lesbian friend attend the nightclub. The stage show is a woman Marie who strips and then says she is so horny and can someone come on stage with her. When no one does and Emmanuelle is unable to convince her husband she drunkenly makes it to the stage and the two women have oral sex to climax. Her husband leaves upset. Emmanuelle wakes up at the home of the nightclub owner and the older lesbian friend (but with a still very nice body) she was with with her husband the night before shows up and says let’s forget men. The Spanish gentleman arrives as they are making love and is invited to join them in sex but declines. Emmanuelle’s husband has gone to a hotel bar and is picked up by a young horny woman, Marie from the nightclub stage, and he spends the day making love to her. Emmanuelle walks back to where she and her husband are staying but is raped by two Spaniards who mistake the French Emmanuelle for a British woman who they say only come for one thing, to get laid by Spanish men. Emmanuelle makes it to their house but her husband is still away and she returns to the Spanish gentleman’s house. Her husband meanwhile tells his recent lover he may still be in love with Emmanuelle and leaves. The Spanish gentleman is making love to Emmanuelle but she finds him boring when the older lesbian returns and he leaves. As he is leaving the Spanish gentleman runs into Marie, the girl who was with Emmanuelle’s husband who works for him. They start to make love as Emmanuelle comes down and sees her husband also downstairs. They meet and decide to make love while watching the other couple make love. Emmanuelle and her husband leave and the next day the grumpy Spanish gentlemen walks away saying he will forget Emmanuelle and neither Emmanuelle or Marie have the breeding and bloodlines of his dog and bleeding and bloodlines are what is important.

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